Twenty Fifteen Child Theme

A child of Official WordPress theme Twenty Fifteen, customized heavily for my personal use as you in this site.

Below is a list of template files from Twenty Fifteen themes what I’ve customized for my Twenty Fifteen Child Theme.

Advanced Customization of WordPress’s official Twenty Fifteen Theme for my personal website using:

Stylesheet Customization (style.css)

  1. Reduced font size of Tagline in smaller devices.

  2. Reduced font size of Sub Menu items in all devices.

  3. Added styles for Custom Introductory Text & Avatar in Homepage.

  4. Customized few styles of Ninja Forms element (Added column layout, Reduced font size of required items error text).

  5. Added styles for WP credit & copyright text.

Header Customization (header.php)

Sidebar Customization (sidebar.php)

Content Customization (content.php)

Functions Customization (functions.php)

Footer Customization (footer.php)


While using this theme if you find any bug or any conflict and if you’ve any suggestion, please submit an issue at Github (If possible with a pull request).

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